Brazil - A mild coffee with a smooth body and pleasant taste.  It is a wonderful drink by itself, and is considered one of the finest coffees to blend with other outstanding gourmet coffees.

Celebes Kalossi - An Indonesian coffee rich in flavor. Not rare anymore!

Colombian Dark - A fine Colombian Supremo roasted to a dark roast producing an unusual rich flavor. Leaves no aftertaste at all on the palate.

Colombian Supremo - Probably the most popular coffee in the world.  With a full rich roast, it brews a most flavorful cup of coffee.

Costa Rica - From the Tarrazu region, one of the fine coffees of the world.

Ethiopian Harrar - A soft, delicate coffee with a mellow flavor.

French/Italian Dark Roast - Rich and full-bodied with a nice sweet flavor.

Guatemala - A great full-bodied coffee with a rich taste.  This is a coffee for someone who likes it strong.

Java Estate - One of the rare coffees of the world.  A wonderful taste experience.

Kenya AA - Grown high on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, its unique flavor truly makes the finest coffee.

Kona - A Hawaiian coffee with a mild, yet rich taste.  This is the only coffee grown in the United States.   With limited production, this is considered one of the rarest coffees in the world.

Mexican - Beautiful, sweet drinking Mexican Pluma coffee.  Rich sweet flavor, great by itself or blended.

Sumatra - Full-bodied with great flavor from Indonesia.

Tanzania Peaberry - Another great coffee from Africa.  Mild, yet flavorful.

Rich Espresso Blend - A unique blend of coffees producing an expresso flavor to remember.

Florida Blend A Fantastic blend of Colombian and Brazilian Coffees

Available as a Regular or Decaffeinated  or as a Mixture.

San Francisco Blend - A wonderful combination of 5 different coffees, Colombian Supremo, Mexican, Sumatra, Guatemala and Kenya AA.

The Oasis Blend - A sweet and mild blend of Colombian, Brazilian and Guatemalan.

Mocha Java Blend - One of the oldest combinations of coffees from Africa and Indonesia.